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How much does it cost?


The starting rates for some common projects are listed. Prices can vary. Please contact us for a personalized estimate.


What's included?


  1. CONSULTATION:  We will determine your objectives and design preferences.  You can submit any images and text you'd like to use for your project.

  2. CONTRACT: Accept the Terms & Services and submit via E-signature.

  3. DRAFT: Proposed design(s) prepared and submitted for your review.  We will email you a draft copy of the project.

  4. REVISIONS:  You will get up to three revision cycles to suggest changes or adjustments.  After every cycle, revised designs will be completed for your review.  (Additional revision cycles are billed at a rate of $50/hour in 15-minute increments.)

  5. FINAL: After you approve the final design, we will email you the high-resolution files for printing.


Personalized Projects

Custom Birthday Poster    35+
Back to School Poster    25+
Silhouette Portraits    35+
Party Invitations    35+
Wedding Invitations    35+
Photoshopped Images    25+
Resume Design    45+
Photography Services    50+
Anything else, contact for quote
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