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Toxic Zombie is Horror based Rock n Roll from Portland, OR

Embalmed with the foundational elements of American Rock and Roll, Reanimated by the decades of iconic influence. Toxic Zombie is reborn from the slowly rotting corpse of modern music to bring back the undead drive of straight forward brain eating Rock and Roll.

Toxic Zombie has released two full-length albums( Poison the Airwave/Live Toxic/Die Toxic) one E.P. ( inToxicated) and several music/lyric videos. They enjoy a strong loyal fan base (Horde) and expand their ranks with every show, post or performance. They regularly headline shows all over the Pacific Northwest and tour both nationally and regionally. It is common for Toxic Zombie to open and directly support national acts all over the Pacific Northwest, including performing at Rockstars Mayhem festival. The combined touring and performing experience of the band consists of thousands of high profile events.

The third and most recent work entitled ”Going Viral”  contains 14 Brain eating tracks of anthem driven rock and roll music. Several music/lyric videos will follow as well as a compilation blu ray. Also recorded as a  single track intended for digital audio and video release exclusively is a cover of “Pet Sematary” look for all of these releases at your favorite provider.

Being completely self-funded, independent artist, allows Toxic Zombie to bring the fans the direct interpretation of their art. Versus the laboratory concocted monster that stumbles around for a moment then falls dead never to walk again. Toxic Zombie personifies the undying spirit that embodies the rock and roll culture of all genres while solidifying the permanence of loud scary rock and roll fun. Rock and Roll is Undead!



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